A Kid Again Michigan working in Genesee County to help children with life-threatening illnesses

FLINT, MI – A Kid Again Michigan, the nationwide chapter of the nationwide nonprofit that provides year-round free adventures to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families, has reached the milestone of 1,000 families registered.

While the Michigan chapter of A Kid Again officially launched in December 2021, the national organization of A Kid Again was founded nearly 30 years ago in Columbus, Ohio and today serves nearly 8,000 families. in all the countries.

A Kid Again Michigan is now partnering with Hurley Medical Center to help families in Genesee County in hopes of helping more families.

To be eligible, the child must be qualified by a physician as having a life-threatening illness and be under the age of 20.

“We currently have … 1,038 kids enrolled and a lot of that is due to amazing partners like Hurley Hospital passing our enrollment information to kids,” said Amy Vining, executive director of A Kid Again Michigan. , at MLive-The Flint Journal. .

Once a child signs up, they stay with A Kid Again Michigan until they turn 21 with adventures created for the whole family unit.

Adventures are a break from doctor and hospital visits, infusions, chemotherapy, and the hard days of raising a child with a life-threatening illness.

For example, in June, the organization hosted a day at Michigan’s Adventure, a water and amusement park in Muskegon where the company provided all tickets, food and parking free to families.

In Genesee County, 58 children are enrolled, a significant increase from about 20 children just at the start of this year.

Through a partnership with Hurley, A Kid Again Michigan can increase registrations and spread the word.

Mattie Pearson, Service Line Administrator for Women’s and Children’s Services at Hurley, is at the forefront of making this a reality.

“Our role is to be a great collaborator and partner with A Kid Again Michigan,” Pearson said. “Generally, after 18, it is difficult to provide certain services or support to these children because they are considered adults.

“So it gave us a great opportunity for kids because I still think of them as kids even though they’re adults, but it gives us a great ability to be a great partner.”

Vining worked in Genesee County for 16 years as Executive Director of the American Red Cross in Flint and Director of Development at United Way of Genesee County.

“Hurley was one of the first calls I made,” she said. “Flint and Genesee County has been through a lot, including children. So knowing that I was now running a non-profit organization that was going to be able to serve the kids in this community was very important to me in getting the word out.

Each year, more than 27,000 children in the United States are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. With the help of volunteers and donors, A Kid Again is available to help these children and their families find innocence and rediscover moments of joy.

“My goal for all counties, including Genesee County, is for any child and family living in this county who needs our program to find a way to find them and enroll them so we can provide them with fun.” , Vining said. . “We allow the whole family to be a child again and we give them time off in case of illness. We offer free service with all medical expenses and everything they have to do.

If interested, families can register here. More information can be found at akidagain.org.

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