Animals stolen from Preuss Pets in Lansing



Animals Preuss

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Two animals were stolen from Preuss Pets on Friday by two different people. The owners of the popular pet store are asking the community to help them find one of these animals.

The incident happened around 4 p.m. Friday and it was filmed. Store general manager Kirbay Preuss said a snake has been stolen but they need help identifying a man who has caught a gecko.

Lansing Police are looking for the man in the photo below. You can see that he is also with a wife and two children.

The gecko was taken out of its tank. After reviewing the footage, officials believe it was planned. The gecko was one of two of its kind in the store, and it costs almost $ 200.

“For the sake of animal health and for your personal integrity, just sending the animal back to do the right thing, you know stealing is wrong,” said Sean Murphy, COO of Preuss Pets.

The snake that was stolen was picked up the same day by someone else, but the main concern in stores is the gecko.

The director of operations says this gecko needs a lot of care and could be in danger of its health if it is not in the right environment.

“They require specialized feeding, they are not a common pet that you would keep so time is essential to help us find them in the hope that they will survive,” Preuss said.

Store managers also say they plan to make the cages more secure and rearrange them. In addition to training staff to better monitor thieves.

Anyone with more information on the whereabouts of this gecko should contact Lansing Police at (517) 351-4220.

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