Cadillac Salvation Army Major RC Duskin Remarries, Reassigned to Grand Rapids | News

CADILLAC — RC Duskin will never forget how the Cadillac community rallied around his family after the unexpected passing of his wife, Miranda, in 2019.

Miranda died just over a year after the couple arrived at Cadillac with their five children to serve as captains in the Salvation Army office here.

“The whole community has been supportive in different ways,” Duskin said. “People have helped our family and our work here at the Salvation Army…Cadillac holds a very special place in our hearts and lives.”

So while Duskin is excited to begin the next phase of his life, this is also a bittersweet time for him. The Salvation Army held an open day on Thursday to celebrate the latest in Duskin’s life – his upcoming June 18 wedding to fellow Salvation Army officer Maureen Diffley.

Duskin met Diffley overseas when he was posted to Georgia and she was posted to Russia and Ukraine. He said Diffley held a similar position to his late wife, which is how they initially crossed paths. After Miranda passed away, they reconnected.

With the coming change in Duskin’s personal life and family dynamics will come a change in his professional life as well: Duskin will soon be leaving Cadillac and heading to Grand Rapids for a new assignment.

Duskin’s reassignment was carried out by the Chicago-based Salvation Army leadership team, which evaluates officer assignments annually. Considering all the changes the family will be going through, Duskin believes the move will help the family make the transition.

“They felt it would be the right and appropriate time for ministry,” Duskin said. “I’m excited to take up the challenge.”

Getting to know and working with all the people and organizations that make up the Cadillac community has been an incredible experience for Duskin. During his four years here, he said he was proud of the relationships he was able to build and strengthen with various groups, including Kiwanis, the Rotary Club, United Way, area school districts and Cadillac Area Minister’s Association.

Upon Duskin’s departure, Cadillac’s Salvation Army will be assigned new officers – Lieutenants Greg and Liz Bock.

On Sunday, June 12, The Salvation Army will host a farewell celebration in Duskin’s honor.

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