Christ Church and Chapman drop at State Women’s Tennis Championships


Jonathan D. Homework

Even though Christ Church didn’t win his sixth straight Class AA State Championship on Saturday, Cavaliers coach Sherry Adams saw a lot about his young team that filled his heart.

“They were disappointed,” Adams said. “However, when we lost that last point, the whole team came out and hugged this player. Out of disappointment I saw how these kids continued to rally around. Out of disappointment, I saw a lot of positive things. today.

The Cavaliers (13-2) lost to Philip Simmons, 4-2, at the Cayce Tennis Center in Cayce. It was a rematch of last year’s final when the Cavaliers beat the Iron Horses.

“I knew it would be a tough game,” Adams said. “It was going to be a battle. Everything was extremely close. I never felt like we were at the top, but I’m not sure they made it either. It was so tight for two and a half hours. It was extremely competitive.

With the game tied 2-2, the Iron Horses won the title by winning the last two games in a third set tie-break.

“I am so proud of our team,” said Adams. “It doesn’t change us. It doesn’t change what we’ve accomplished so far. They will be back. I am proud of the way they competed. We will go from there. “

Cavaliers’ only senior, Caroline Mitchell, won the No. 2 singles match in straight sets, while juniors Parker Davis and rookie Rowan MacClenahan won the No. 2 doubles match.

The Cavaliers are loaded with seventh, eighth and ninth grade players. Christ Church has won 13 state championships since 2002.

In the Class AAA Championship, Oceanside Collegiate defeated Chapman, 6-0. It was the fourth consecutive second place for the Panthers.

“I think we played really well at all levels,” said Chapman coach Mark Lansing. “Oceanside plays a lot of great competitions. It’s a tough team. It’s a very strong, solid and deep team.

The Panthers had previously fallen to the Bishop of England for the previous three years; However, Oceanside Collegiate upset the Battling Bishops in the Lower State Championship.

“I was just proud,” Lansing said. “I thought they were playing hard and competing hard. We were definitely a lot more competitive than we had been able to do in the past two years. In some adverse conditions, we really stepped up and showed great character. They really progressed as young girls.

Senior Alex Kinlaw won his first set, and Lansing said it was the first set the Panthers have won against the Lower State team in the past four years. Senior Elizabeth Williams also played well.

Williams has been selected to participate in the North-South game and will compete in the State Singles Tournament next week. Her teammate Westlyn Morris will also participate in the singles tournament.

Lansing said the Panthers need to invest in training their youth to overcome the bump against Lower State programs.

“It’s really about being stronger in every position to get past the Lower State,” said Lansing. “We are competing with them now. We haven’t been able to compete from a skill set until this year. It will be kind of a rebuild next year, but I think we are still very strong in our region. We’re going to have to recruit younger children and develop them. We’re going to have to really step up our efforts to compete at this level. “

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