Dougherty School System students enjoy farm-to-school smoothies

April 24 – ALBANY – Three hundred students and teachers from International Studies International Charter Elementary School and Radium Springs Elementary School participated in a Strawberry Cabbage Smoothie Taste Test in their school gardens through the Farm Program to School by Flint River Fresh in partnership with the DCSS Department of School Food.

Through this Farm to School and Youth Agriculture Education initiative, students benefit from unique learning experiences and opportunities to be part of the food production process for school lunches and taste tests. Additionally, elementary school students (especially those living in food deserts) derive lifelong benefits from learning to grow food themselves.

The strawberry and kale smoothies provided to students and teachers at these two schools provided an example to show students a nutritious and delicious recipe for using produce grown in their own school gardens, both strawberries and cabbage. curly.

In preparation for the Kale and Strawberry Smoothie Taste Tests, Flint River Fresh School Garden Coordinator Jordan Parker ordered over 200 pounds of fresh strawberries and kale from local regional farmers, bolstering the Flint River Fresh and Dougherty County School System support for Southwest farmers. Georgia.

Additionally, Blaine Allen, Ronald Bell, and Monica Mays of the Dougherty County School System’s School Nutrition Department supported Flint River Fresh by preparing the necessary materials and tools for the taste tests, testing the recipe, and preparing over 300 smoothies for students and teachers, and serving students at both schools.

During the taste test at International Studies Elementary Charter School, more than 130 second and third graders were first taken on an educational tour of the garden by Vice-Principal Nancy Gay, where they had the opportunity to learn about lettuce, squash, carrots and peas. . Students were also able to pick a radish to take home themselves and pick a strawberry from the strawberry beds.

After the garden tour, the students received their kale and strawberry smoothies.

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