Find plants at Hyacinth House, Lansing Gardens, Horrocks, Van Atta’s

It’s May, which means warmer weather, Mother’s Day and a desire to start working in the gardens. It’s hard for Michigan residents to wait until later in the month when the weather can be more predictable, so if you’re ready to get down to business, check out these Greater Lansing garden centers.

Employee Debbie Sommerfeldt aquatic plants for sale at Hyacinth House on Saturday April 30, 2022 in Lansing.

Hyacinth House

Just after opening last Saturday, employee Debbie Sommerfeldt walks through the greenhouse with a hose hosing down hundreds of colorful options for customers at Hyacinth House in Lansing. Pink, yellow and red gerberas emerge from their pots as Sommerfeldt walks down the aisle. She brushes the striped leaves of snake plants for sale.

“I think I heard those names called something else,” she said with a smile. “Mother-in-law’s tongue.”

Guests are spoiled for choice, including a tropical plant greenhouse.

Jacob Sharpe, left, and Samantha Sears browse the hundreds of colorful flower options while shopping at Lansing Gardens on Saturday, April 30, 2022 in Lansing.

Lansing Gardens

Further south, at Lansing Gardens, Jacob Sharpe and Samantha Sears are looking for something but certainly don’t know what. As they pass the purple and white-spotted petunias, the purplish-red and bright green accented leaves of the coleus and hundreds of hanging flower baskets catch Sears’ attention.

The gardens’ diverse selections are enough to drive any shopper “Blooming Crazy”, just as the hand-painted sign hanging in the greenhouse suggests.

David Smitley pushes a cart of hanging flower baskets, which are among the first Mother's Day gifts for his wife, Dottie Best.  The couple were shopping on Saturday at Horrocks Farm Market in Lansing.

Horrocks Farm Market

On the west side of town, Horrocks Farm Market employee Rachel Sheffler crawls among purple hydrangeas while setting up a display in one of the greenhouses. David Smitley of Lansing pushes a cart loaded with hanging baskets as his wife, Dottie Best, trails behind. The flowers are an early Mother’s Day gift for Best and each year they come out on the weekend before the holidays to stock up on plants, a tradition they both look forward to. The couple hang the baskets and place flowers on their patio to brighten up their decor.

“It’s like a garden on our patio,” Best said of the finished space.

Sophie Foucrier, 3, sits in a cart as she and her father, Stephen, shop for flowers April 30 at Van Atta's greenhouse and flower shop in Haslett.

Van Atta Greenhouse and Flower Shop

Stephen Foucrier, of Haslett, went out to buy flowers last Saturday with his 3-year-old daughter, Sophie, at Van Atta’s Greenhouse & Flower Shop in Haslett. “And these, do you like these flowers? Foucrier asks Sophie, who is sitting in a shopping cart with purple rain boots and a cozy blue blanket. She looks, smiles and nods yes.

Foucriers are two of many inside the greenhouse looking for colorful plants such as yellow and red disco maretta marigolds or the unique pink, white and green hues of ‘Splash Select Mix’ polka dot plants. As the cart fills up, Sophie realizes she’s going to run out of living room. “Can I come down now?”

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