Flint man sentenced to long prison term for murder and maiming of missing Flint Township man

FLINT, MI — One of three people charged with the 2021 murder and maiming of Daniel Vaughn, 34, will serve time in prison after being convicted in Genesee County Circuit Court.

Beinville Hamilton Alexander, of Flint, appeared before Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Celeste D. Bell early Monday, April 4, to be convicted of manslaughter, felony firearm, arson in the second degree, mutilation of a corpse, concealment of the death of an individual, possession of a concealed weapon, criminal in possession of a firearm, preparation to burn property, tampering with evidence and conspiracy to mutilate a dead body.

Bell sentenced Alexander to a minimum of 17½ to 40 years in prison. This sentence will be consecutive to a two-year prison sentence for the charge of firearm.

Alexander was recognized for serving 382 days in Genesee County Jail.

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Alexander was indicted for 10 crimes, including open-air murder, on February 20, 2021.

Prosecutors accused him of shooting Vaughn, who was reported missing in early February 2021.

Alexander thought Vaughn was seeing the same woman he was seeing, Genesee County District Attorney David Leyton previously said. Alexander arranged to meet Vaughn to allegedly sell him marijuana, he said.

“When they met, Mr. Alexander, because he believed he and Mr. Vaughn were seeing the same woman, shot (Vaughn) and then tried to burn and hide his body,” Leyton told the time.

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Alexander in February 2022 did not contest a reduced charge of manslaughter and culpability of the nine other crimes he faced.

In return for the plea, prosecutors recommended as part of a Killebrew deal a minimum sentence of 17½ years, plus the two years for the firearms charge.

A Killebrew plea allows a defendant to enter a conditional guilty plea, which can be withdrawn if the judge’s eventual sentence does not meet the sentencing conditions negotiated by the prosecutor and the defense.

Two other people have pending cases in Genesee County Circuit Court related to the case.

Maranda Ide and Trevyan Harris have also been charged, with prosecutors accusing them of helping to burn and hide Vaughn’s body.

Ide is currently due for a jury trial on June 14.

Harris’ case is in a bit of a vacuum after he and his all-time attorney, Richard Hetherington, parted ways due to a breakdown in the client/attorney relationship, court records show.

A motion by Hetherington to step down as attorney was granted on March 16.

KC Baran was assigned the case on Tuesday, March 29.

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