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Lansing, Michigan Lansing, MI 6 News is your local place to vote and in just two weeks residents of Lansing along with Jackson will choose who they would want to be their city’s mayor.

To make you more familiar with the various candidates, 6 News will broadcast an article about each candidate prior to the election.

Today we are conducting an interview with Lansing prospective applicant Melissa Huber.

Melissa Huber says she was a resident of Lansing since the mid 90s but did not plan to run for the mayor’s office until the present year.

“Over the past 15 years, I’ve felt that we’ve never had a lot of influence at town hall. I was also worried this time due to the issues I research on. At some point I started getting worried about the town being in danger, “she said.

Huber was a master’s student at MSU and then became an expert in community psychology.

She says she has participated in numerous events throughout the community for over two decades.

“All concentrated on improving the living conditions of people , and to enable them to develop into companies that enable children to thrive, and people to live at the same time and the development of the human race that will increase your quality of life of the community. One for all “Huber declared.

Huber’s primary objectives are to transform the way things are run at Town Hall, monitoring the use of federal funds, and making sure that everyone gets the support they require, including housing as well as security for the general public and the provision of food aid.

“We can’t afford to remain in an isolated city. We will have to tackle these problems. We will need to collaborate with a variety of community members. 

Huber believes that she is an ideal candidate for mayor because of her qualifications and experiences she’s gained.

“I am a professional certified as a psychologist for community , that means I’m professionally trained to solve problems that affect the entire community. We are able to do this, and have a team I can trust to provide the most efficient method of helping individuals in resolving issues. It’s not about saying that this is the best way to solve the issue. It’s about providing solutions and having an exchange of ideas about what is required to be done to cooperate to reach the goals they have established for themselves.


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