Lansing Police Working To Reduce Gang Violence With GREAT Program

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) — Like many large police departments, Lansing is working to reduce gang violence.

Experts said communicating with young people is at the heart of the solution.

A Lansing police unit called Gang Resistance Education and Training (EXCELLENT) works to connect with children and the community. This includes sending agents to talk about life lessons with children at school.

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“We want to try to provide them with a little bit more resources and things that they don’t have, like a lot of these kids, sometimes they don’t have the basics, or don’t have the mentorship, or don’t have not the resources that other people have grown up with,” said Lansing police officer Mikal Cook. “So us coming into the schools and basically talking with them, not even talking to them, I think a lot of times it’s just listening, listening to what they need or what they want or what They need us .”

GREAT Unit officers work with children between the ages of nine and fourteen. They also supervise the children during the summer.

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