McLaren-Flint and the Mclaren-Flint Foundation to Help 100 Employees Receive Student Loan Benefits | New

McLaren-Flint and the Mclaren-Flint Foundation to Help 100 Employees Receive Student Loan Compensation

FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) – The competitive job market these days requires companies to be creative in recruiting and retaining workers.

Many companies try to attract people with login bonuses and other perks.

But McLaren-Flint is pushing beyond those initial dollars, trying to really attract workers where it matters most.

Any current or newly hired employee of Mclaren-Flint, starting in January, may be eligible to receive student loan repayment benefits from the McLaren-Flint Foundation.

“So we help them to ease that burden, relieve the stress of repayment and at the same time tie them up, so that the longer they stay with us, the more this loan gets canceled,” said Chris, CEO of Mclaren. Flint. Candela.

He knows how competitive the job market is right now.

Hospitals are suffering everywhere for staff because of the pandemic, this is nothing new.

What is new is the way this hospital is recruiting the talent it needs and retaining the talent it has.

The McLaren Flint Foundation is providing $ 1.5 million to help workers pay off their student loans.

It’s not strictly reserved for nurses either. This covers a wide range of positions including Nursing, Pharmacists, Respiratory Therapists, just about anyone with some education can qualify.

The way it will work is that every time an employee makes a payment for a student loan, a third party will also make a payment for that employee’s loan.

Essentially, this will put more money into the principle of the loan, thereby completely shortening the term of the loan.

It’s just like putting more money on your mortgage every month.

“We really hope this helps relieve additional stress and a way to show our appreciation to our employees, and that people really benefit,” he said.

The student loan repayment program will be open to around 100 new employees.

Each employee can receive a maximum benefit of $ 15,000.

They hope to start the program by January 1.

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