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One day, a doctoral student at Harvard will write his thesis on “Human behavior during the Covid pandemic”.

And, in this work, there will be several chapters on anti-vaccines who stubbornly refused to get vaccinated no matter what.

Critics from this recalcitrant segment of the population will suggest that one of these chapters should be titled “Don’t Confuse Me With Facts, My Mind Is Made Up”.

These critics conclude that the facts are clear.

The vast majority of residents in a Michigan hospital bed currently infected with coronavirus have not been vaccinated.

The vast majority of daily COVID-19 cases in Michigan are among those who are not vaccinated.

And the majority of daily deaths are… well, you get the point of the criticism.

Yet when you add it all up, a good chunk of people don’t care.

Maybe you know some of them?

Which begs the question, who are these residents who walk to a different drummer than the roughly 60 percent of the state who are fully or partially vaccinated?

For this part of the story, we go to famous pollster Richard Czuba, CEO of polling firm Glengarriff Michigan, who discovered the following data:

∫ First of all, these people represent about 17% of our population.

∫ 75% are under 50 and 64% of them are men

∫ 71% did not obtain a university degree

70% are Republicans

∫ And here’s one that all readers can relate to: 66% reside outside the state of Michigan, which means they don’t come from the heavily populated areas of the upstate.

This, of course, is just one more example of how this state is divided between north and south, and the differences are palpable in many ways.

The anti-vaccination attitude is part of the challenge that public health officials and some politicians face in asking, “How can we beat this virus if almost 20% will not receive the vaccines?” “

Diving deeper into Mr. Czuba’s research, he examined where these residents get their information.

As most of the state continues to watch, listen to, and read local news, but in declining numbers, the Anti-Shooting Contingency receives 40% of its news from social media, that’s i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc. 15% only watch the news on Fox.

In other words, they turn to sources of information that reinforce their personal beliefs and therefore any information contrary to this never comes to their mind.

As a result of this behavior, 9% of those polled are convinced that just as the presidential election was a hoax, so is COVID-19, despite Michigan’s 20,000 deceased residents.

Of course, this Harvard graduate student will want to know how so many residents could disagree with their friends and neighbors?

According to research, many of their attitudes are driven by their political leanings, which seemingly trump any critical thinking about the shots. And, ironically, former President Donald Trump, who is vaccinated, failed to reverse the thinking of his legions, many of whom booed their guy when he suggested at a rally that they put themselves in. the firing line.

While this thesis is an interesting read down the road, there is a more pressing societal debate unfolding as those vaccinated increasingly support the following: Many believe that those who are not vaccinated have an impact on the health of those who are, which elevates the debate over personal freedom vs. doing something for the good of all to a controversial level.

It will also be an interesting chapter to read.

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