Michigan weather this week: Hot to hot and only a hope of rain

I think we will call this week at least very hot. Some areas will even be hot. There is a storm system that will give Michigan a chance for some useful rain. This helpful downpour will be confined to the northern half of Lower Michigan.

Here’s a look at the high temperatures expected each day through next Sunday. High temperatures will be hottest in a somewhat odd region – the Lower Northeast and Saginaw Valley. Usually we see the hottest temperatures in southern Lower Michigan.

Maximum temperatures expected from Monday July 18 to Sunday July 24.

Part of the northeast Lower and Saginaw Valley will experience a three-day warming in the 90s between Monday and Wednesday. Once the 90s pass, the mid to upper 80s will be the rule for the rest of the week in Lower Michigan.

There will be a slight cooling in the mid 80s on Thursday, then the upper 80s will take over to continue through the weekend.

This is expected to be the warmest weather so far this summer. We’ve had breaks in the heat this summer, with at least one day a week chilling in the 70s and 80s. Looking at the high temperatures in Grand Rapids so far this summer, I can only find three days in a row with high temperatures above 85 degrees. This week’s heat wave will again have a one-day break on Thursday and then rebound into another three-day heat spell.

In rainy weather, southern Michigan will struggle to get anything useful. There will be an increasing chance of rain as we head north on Wednesday. A strong storm system for July will move into southern Canada, with a trailing cold front moving south through Lower Michigan on Wednesday. This means that a line of thunderstorms could form along the cold front. Timing is usually the most important thing for a cold front to be active with thunderstorms. A cold front has the most thunderstorms in the late afternoon and early evening. Then the cooler parts of the night and morning cause thunderstorms to diminish. This timing is the problem on Wednesday for those who want rain. The cold front will cross Lower Michigan in the late morning and early afternoon, a time when the cold front is not as active.


Rainy areas expected Wednesday 3:00 a.m. to Wednesday 8:00 p.m.

If you live in the southern half of Lower Michigan, it’s best to keep the garden watered. Mother Nature probably won’t provide good rain this week. The heat will also continue to dry out the soil.

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