Ottawa Hills seniors donated ‘Jerseys For Life’

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — The high school basketball season is coming to an end for many West Michigan players and for many, their bond with the high school team may be coming to an end. For a group of seniors in Ottawa Hills, however, there are people who look after them and make sure they are always on top of the game of life.

Head Coach Derrick King and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation’s Terry Rostick have teamed up to give new costumes to graduating seniors.

“At some point they’ll have an interview, they’ll need it for maybe some type of family event, and we want to make sure we prepare them for those times,” King explained.

King and Rostick started the initiative a few years ago, calling it “Jerseys For Life.” Until this year, they bought the costumes for the players themselves. This year, Mary Free Bed joined the initiative, shouldering some of the financial burden while running a professional course on interview techniques and implicit biases.

“It’s one thing to do something on your own and believe in it, but when other people believe in it and help you, it’s just an amazing feeling,” Rostick said. “You know you are doing a good job in our community when you do this.”

To help bring it all together, they hold a knotting ceremony, which ensures players know how to make everything look good.

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