Pandemic closes favorite bar in downtown Lansing for 10 days

Now we come to the point where we wonder when this crazy pandemic is finally going to end so that we can all get back to normal and all of our local businesses will start to thrive again.

Living in Lansing city center a year ago was quite difficult as many bars and restaurants were closed or closed very early, many places were just take out. It sometimes looked like a ghost town.

Sure, it’s much better now in 2022, but we’re still seeing closures due to the pandemic and omicron is still happening and affecting us all.

Last closing of the bar for 10 days

The last closure is a bar that I can walk to just down the road and I really love going there. If you like the Stober’s Bar like me we will have to find another place to have our beer or our favorite cocktail according to They will be closed for 10 days due to the COVID-19 cases hitting our local restaurant workers in the Lansing area.

Owner Tim O’Rourke says none of his employees have tested positive for the coronavirus and all have been fully vaccinated, including boosters. Still, as the number of cases fueled by the omicron variant grew statewide, he said briefly shutting down the bar “out of caution” was a safe bet.

Will reopen soon

Looking forward to its safe reopening soon on January 16. There are so many awesome bars and restaurants in downtown Lansing and I make a point of supporting many of them like Stober Bar which is a staple in the community. Stay safe and see you soon.

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