Parents concerned about possible closure of Flint Elementary School

FLINT, Mich. (WNEM) – The Flint Community Schools Board has addressed what it calls a “structural deficit” as it plans to eventually close Pierce Creative Arts Elementary School.

Parents and community members showed up at Wednesday night’s meeting to voice their opposition to the potential plan.

During public comments, board members announced that they weren’t deciding what was causing frustration for some attendees.

“They will leave staff and parents hanging in the stream and in anticipation of that whether or not the school will close,” mother Alison Montgomery-Littlejohn said.

Montgomery-Littlejohn questions whether a “structural deficit” is the real reason for the potential shutdown.

“I think they’re not being completely honest about why they’re choosing to close specific schools,” Montgomery-Littlejohn said. “So it causes more anxiety, it causes more suspicion and that’s just not a good thing.”

But other parents remain hopeful.

“Maybe it’s a good thing that… maybe they’re listening to what we’re saying, maybe they’re thinking about our points and going to choose, you know, to keep these high-performing schools open. ” said mother Simone Walker. “Maybe they made a decision and now they’re like, well, given the community outcry, let’s reconsider.”

No matter what direction the district takes, parents said they will continue to fight for their children’s school.

“We’ll do everything we can to try to change their minds,” Walker said.

“We will continue to stand up for the children, stand up for our staff, stand up for our community by any means necessary,” Montgomery-Littlejohn said.

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