Read 18 Health Complaints Linked to Michigan’s Massive Marijuana Recall

Increased seizure activity, allergic reactions, chest pain, flu-like symptoms, paranoia, a “chemical burning sensation” and at least two emergency room visits are some of the health concerns associated with an estimated marijuana recall at 64,000 pounds in Michigan.

Eighteen customers reported negative health effects after smoking or consuming the recalled marijuana products tested by Viridis Laboratories, which operates sites in Lansing and Bay City.

“Viridis has tested hundreds of thousands of pounds of cannabis and never received any reports of adverse reactions until the publicity around the MRA’s misguided recall and retaliation began,” said Greg Michaud, CEO of Viridis Laboratories. “We have not seen any evidence that the complaints are valid or related to the products we have tested, and it is irresponsible to link Viridis to any of these complaints at this point without rigorous scientific and medical analysis.”

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) on November 17 recalled all marijuana products, except inhalable concentrates, which were tested by Viridis between August 10 and November 16, citing results unreliable or inaccurate security tests. The MRA has since reported that at least 26% of products that were retested failed due to higher than allowable yeast and mold levels, total coliforms, or the presence of Aspergillus, a type of mold. potentially harmful to people who are immunocompromised. lung systems or diseases.

“They are investigating right now,” Claire Patterson, Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) science and legal director, Claire Patterson said Dec. 2.

The MRA said every complaint is investigated, but did not disclose whether investigators have determined that the marijuana consumed is to blame for the reported negative health effects.

MLive obtained the complaints as part of a Freedom of Information Act request filed after they were mentioned in a court hearing on December 2. In the files, the MRA redacted complainants’ personal information, as well as specific product identification numbers.

“The email complaints that have been provided to MLive via FOIA raise additional concerns,” Michaud said. “It is interesting that the MRA has delayed responding to our recent FOIA requests and continues to fail to respond to many of our requests and those of others for additional information and explanation, strengthening our It is believed that this recall was not motivated by security concerns but a retaliatory attack on a successful Michigan company.

“We join with other Michigan businesses and policymakers in calling for additional oversight and transparency on the MRA so that it can transform from a runaway runaway bureaucratic agency into an entity that actually supports rather than harms the Michigan’s growing cannabis industry. “

Viridis challenged the recall in the Michigan Claims Court and won a legal battle to have part of the recall lifted. The initial recall concerned a product tested in the two Viridis laboratories; However, Claims Court Judge Christopher Murray ruled that the reason for the recall of the marijuana tested in the Bay City lab was “arbitrary”. He lifted the recall of the marijuana in an order on December 3, prompting the MRA in turn to reverse the suspension of these products, even if they had not been tested again.

The marijuana was released on Wednesday, December 15.

On December 16, the MRA filed a petition in the Claims Court asking the judge to review his decision. The reconsideration petition said 26%, or 58 of the 221 marijuana samples that were retested during the recall, failed tests.

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