SHE RUNS becomes more inclusive, brings change

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The month of May brings several annual races to the streets of Grand Rapids.

This year’s SHE RUNS race, officially named Gazelle Girl, is scheduled for May 1. Jen Brummit of Gazelle Sports said the name change was necessary to move her race towards inclusivity.

“We saw the opportunity to really reflect on our core Gazelle Sports values,” she said. “(We) are really working to reduce the barriers for people to be able to participate in our event.”

New this year, runners who identify as female or non-binary will be able to register for the race.

ELLE RUNS Grand Rapids began in 2013. This year, the 10and anniversary will coincide with the 50and anniversary of Title IX, which prohibits high schools and colleges that receive federal funding from discriminating on the basis of sex.

Brummit said that in addition to the name change, the course itself has been updated due to downtown construction. It will now cross the Arena District, a new course for racing in Grand Rapids.

The Amway River Bank Run and Race has also updated its route due to congestion along Ottawa Avenue. This race is scheduled for May 14.

“The 25k is run backwardssaid Lauralee Mathieu, Chief Operating Officer of Amway River Bank Run and Race. “Which means the hills are going to be in the early stages of the race.”

Both races saw a decrease in entries across the board. There is still time to register for either race.

To register for the SHE RUNS race, Click here. To register for the Amway River Bank Run, Click here.

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