Sheriff Swanson to mark Flint Twp’s birthday. ‘Walk with Us’ rally with day of service


FLINT TWP., Michigan (WJRT) (5/2/2021) – A major announcement from law enforcement in Genesee County …

Sheriff Chris Swanson unveiled the next chapter of his Walk With Us campaign, an effort to give back to the community through service projects and finding volunteers and recipients.

Swanson made the announcement at the same location where he first joined protesters last summer, easing tensions and inspiring change.

A simple gesture that would reverse the scenario and captivate a besieged nation. When the police put down their riot gear, crossed the picket line and said to walk with us.

Sheriff Chris Swanson spoke at the same Flint Township Plaza lamppost on Sunday. It was in the same vein as Swanson announced the latest chapter of its Walk with Us campaign.

“We made a commitment on this ground not only to make it a day of unity, but to start a momentum, a movement,” Swanson said.

A day of service organized as part of a grassroots community effort to keep the promise he says he made to the city that night. The event is scheduled for May 30. The sheriff was looking for dozens of volunteers to make it happen.

“The unit is complicated,” he explained. “It’s not just an act, it’s a constant regimen of service, and that’s what we do.”

The change that started here even last year, as police and protesters put their differences aside and regroup, is one of Swanson’s hopes that will continue here in Flint.

“The world looked at us as a community that does things differently,” said Sheriff Swanson. “Yet another example will be May 30.”

If you would like to volunteer or request a service project, please email: [email protected], which is on your screen right now. You can also reach by phone at: 810-341-5923.

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