Voter’s Guide for the Nov. 2 Elections in Genesee County


GENESEE COUNTY, MI – The November 2 election in Genesee County is fast approaching.

Genesee County voters in Flint, Flushing, Fenton, Burton, Clio, Grand Blanc and Davison Township all have the opportunity to elect new municipal leaders to boards and commissions.

In addition, there are multiple ballot proposals and a special election to elect an interim clerk in Davison Township.

Polling stations will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 2 for voters to decide the fate of candidates and proposals. You can find your polling station by visiting the Genesee County Elections website.

Below is an overview of all residents of Genesee County who will see the November 2 poll.

Flint City Councilor Eric Mays alone in the constituency’s first ballot

Eric Mays, one of the two oldest members of Flint City Council, is the only name on the Nov. 2 ballot for voters in Flint’s 1st Ward.

Mays believes that if things go well on Election Day, he could soon become the next chairman of the board, replacing Kate Fields.

New council representation ensured for the 2nd district of Flint during this election

Two residents of the 2nd district are in the running to replace Maurice Davis.

Ladel Lewis and Audrey Young defeated incumbent Maurice Davis and candidate Arthur Morgan in the primary elections.

Davis has said he will run for mayor in Flint in 2022.

Two activists fight to represent Flint’s 3rd district

Two longtime Flint activists, AC Dumas and Quincy Murphy, are competing to represent Ward 3.

Outgoing president Santino Guerra is not seeking re-election.

Council President Kate Fields challenged in Flint’s 4th Ward

Flint City Council President Kate Fields is being challenged by 4th Ward resident Judy Priestley for her seat on the board.

Both candidates agree that something is wrong with the current functioning of the board.

First term councilor challenged by political newcomer in Flint’s 5th district

The incumbent Jerri Winfrey-Carter is challenged by Joseph Schipani in the general election to represent the city’s 5th arrondissement.

Winfrey-Carter is currently a municipal councilor for a first term. Schipani works as Executive Director of the Flint Public Art Project.

Two newcomers vying for the seat of the 6th Flint Neighborhood Council

Residents of Flint in the 6th arrondissement will have a new city councilor in November.

Two newcomers Tonya Burns and Claudia Perkins are competing to represent the district.

Current city councilor Herbert Winfrey has not sought re-election.

Galloway is running for third term to represent Flint 7th Parish

One of Flint’s longest-serving city council members, Monica Galloway, faces challenger Allie Herkenroder, who says she can bring a new perspective to council.

Galloway was recently elected president of the Michigan Municipal League. She was the best voter in the primary elections, garnering 438 of the 1,121 votes.

Griggs challenged by Pfeiffer for 8th constituency council seat

Incumbent Allan Griggs is challenged in Flint’s 9th Ward by Dennis Pfeiffer, the only city council candidate to finish the primaries with more votes than the incumbent.

Pfeiffer garnered 193 votes, while Griggs received 178 votes out of 571 in total.

Councilor of the 9th district alone on the Flint ballot

Incumbent Eva Worthing is the only name on the Nov. 2 ballot for Flint voters in the 9th Ward.

The city councilor wants to end the negativity that often obscures discussions at city council meetings, she said.


Mayor Joseph Karlichek, elected for his first two-year term in 2019, is running unopposed for another two-year term.

Three city council members, Dane Miller and Eric Johnson, are all running unopposed to stay in their seats for a four-year term.


Mayor Sue Osborn ran unopposed to stay in office. She last faced a challenger in the November 2019 election.

Incumbents Tracy Bottecelli, Scott Grossmayer and David McDermott each run unopposed for a four-year term to remain on City Council.


Five candidates are running for three seats on Burton City Council.

Only one incumbent, Vaughn Smith, is a candidate for one of the available seats. Smith, Danny Wells and Deb Walton are all currently serving terms that expire in November.

Tom Scott Cook, Christina Hickson, Greg Hull, Anne Redmond and Smith each show up for one of the three seats available.


Four board members – Bonnie Bare, David Fejedelem, Doug Vance and David Williams – all run unopposed for a four-year term to remain on the board.

The council will re-appoint a new mayor to its board in November following the election. Bare is currently mayor of Clio.

Great White

Two incumbents, Christopher Carr and Jamie Weasel, and two outsiders Andrew Nyquist and Norm Williams are vying for three vacancies on the Grand Blanc city council in November.

Robert Courneya and Philip Olson are standing unopposed for a two-year term on the Grand Blanc Review Board.

Township of Davison

Democrat Patrick Miller and Republican Morgan Jackson are vying for the opportunity to become Davison Township’s next clerk in a special election. One of the two will serve a partial term ending in November 2024.

The township did not appoint a clerk last summer after a period of nearly two months to do so when former clerk Mary Miller resigned her post.

Voting proposals

Two mosquito reductions, a school mileage and a tax to fund a township’s police force are expected to appear on the ballots in the November general election in some communities in Genesee County.

  • Fenton is seeking approval of a Street Improvement Bond proposal to borrow up to $ 24 million to pave, rebuild and improve city streets. The deposit will be refunded over 11 years.
  • Township of Clayton seeks approval to levy up to 2.9 million taxable property in the canton for a period of five years starting on December 1, 2021 to finance the operation of the local police service. This tax, if approved, will provide approximately $ 662,589 in police funding.
  • The Township of Montrose is seeking approval to impose a tax of $ 25 on each plot for a period of 10 years to fund the community mosquito control program. The tax would bring in about $ 75,525 in the first year.
  • The Township of Mundy is also seeking approval to impose a tax of $ 28.73 on each parcel for a period of five years to reduce mosquitoes. The township would receive approximately $ 207,833 in the first year if approved.
  • Goodrich Area Schools is looking to renew its operating fleet of 18 mills on all properties. The district’s current mileage expires in 2022. Goodrich schools will raise approximately $ 1.5 million each year for a period of five years.

Lapeer Recreational Marijuana Proposal

One county further, voters who have approved recreational marijuana businesses in Lapeer will now have the opportunity to reverse their decision, potentially bankrupting already established dispensaries.

A proposed vote to ban the recreational marijuana trade is on the general election ballot in a situation that Mayor Debbie Marquardt says is “a mess.”

If the recreational marijuana trade is banned, the city could be the target of potential lawsuits from business owners who have already invested in their stores.

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