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HYPHEN – Whether you need to get to work, want a bite to eat, or are heading to a concert, the Downtown Area Shuttle, or DASH, offers residents, workers and visitors complementary routes to various downtown destinations. -city.

Running seven days a week, every eight minutes, DASH also offers motorists and commuters a place to park before exploring the city. Rapid’s Silver Line and Route 19 on Michigan Street also connects to DASH routes, providing even more mobility options around town.

Driverless cars – Engaging in the next phase of the Grand Rapids Autonomous Vehicle Initiative, May Mobility has partnered with Gentex to create a new on-demand service for autonomous technology.

Operating in a 1.36 square mile service area that includes more than 20 designated pickup and drop-off areas throughout downtown Grand Rapids, this new offering includes four Lexus RX450h vehicles and a wheelchair accessible Polaris GEM .

Users can request services by downloading the May Mobility mobile app. The May Mobility AV shuttles also offer free trips Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Scooter rental – Increasingly popular among adults, the scooter is not just for young people. Now everyone can have fun visiting their favorite hot spots in the city.

Covering a 12 mile radius of the great downtown area, these electric scooters from Spin can be rented for $ 1 to unlock, plus 25 cents per minute.

Aimed at improving transportation access using environmentally friendly options, this scooter-sharing pilot program connects to other transportation services such as public transit, parking, park-and-ride, and carpooling. .

With around 175 designated parking zones around the city, Spin scooters make short-term distances quick and easy. Not only does Spin provide its users with language options in English and Spanish, but discounted rates are available for low-income residents.

Bike sharing – As part of the city’s ongoing shared micro-mobility pilot program, bike sharing is also available for residents and visitors to Grand Rapids. Distributed by Lime, the bike-sharing program costs the same rent as the scooters ($ 1 to unlock and 25 cents every minute).

Discounted rates for low-income residents as well as access for non-smartphone users can be found by viewing the Lime Access program.

Make sure you use them while they last! The scooter and bike share micro-mobility programs will end at the end of 2021 for an assessment of the success of the programs. The community pilot surveys can be viewed on the City of Grand Rapids website.

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