Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Players of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild need Flint for a few quests as well as to easily start fires in the world.


In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link will have to collect tons of objects on the map. Items like Flint can be used to upgrade some of the best armor in breath of the wild, and players should grab them whenever they can.

What is flint used for in Breath of the Wild?

With all the other rocks and gems of breath of the wild, Flint is a required item to get through many parts of the game. Flint is needed to:

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  • Light fires with bundles of wood to pass the time or cook in breath of the wild.
  • Upgrade certain armor items with Great Fairies.
  • Complete the “Tools of the Trade” side quest.
  • Complete the “Spark of Romance” side quest.

The armor pieces that can be upgraded at the Great Fairy Fountains with flint are:

  • Amber earrings
  • diamond tiara
  • Opal earrings
  • Ruby tiara
  • sapphire tiara
  • Topaz Earrings

Where to find Flint in Breath of the Wild

Flint can be dropped by any breakable ore deposit anywhere in the world. All Lightstone Deposits, Regular Ore Deposits, and Rare Ore Deposits can drop Flint. There are thousands of them all over the world in Breath of the Wild, but there are a few places where these deposits are in large patches.

  • goron city
  • The east coast of the Hateno region
  • The crater near the village of Rito
  • South mine
  • Abandoned North Mine
  • All rocky places

Players can also use their Sheikah Sensor Cam to find these deposits. Players will need to have upgraded the Slate with Purah in Hateno’s Ancient Tech Lab to have Sensor+ and the Camera. First, take a picture of each of the different types of deposits, then select them from the Sheikah Sensor+ menu. This will notify the player whenever the selected ore deposit is nearby.


Another great way to find flint is to search for a Stone Talus mini boss. These giant stone monsters have an ore deposit on their backs, which is their weak spot. The Talus will drop Flint and Gems when Link attacks it. There are several Stone Talus in the world of Hyrule.

Central Hyrule

  • Illuminati Plateau
  • hopper pond


  • Martha’s Landing
  • Floria Falls
  • Lake Deya
  • Gama Creek


  • South Nabi Lake
  • Ovli Plain
  • Mable Ridge
  • Lake Siela
  • gin
  • Quince Cliffs
  • Dueling Peaks (North)
  • Dueling Peaks (south)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch.

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